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Changzhou Futong Fiber New Materials Co., Ltd. is China DTY (Draw Texturing Yarn) (30D-600D) Suppliers and DTY (Draw Texturing Yarn) (30D-600D) Manufacturers. DTY is a texyured polyester yarn produced by using POY as the raw material and then subjected to hugh-speed texturing.It has a certain degree of elasticity,a complete range of colors,high color fastness, and features such as fluffy,breathable and resilient.It is used to produce home textile fabrics or clothing fabrics, suitable for weaving on rapier looms, water jet looms, air jet looms, circular knitting machines, etc. It has the characteristics of full sensory and softness. The products are widely used in bedding, clothing, shoes and hats, curtains, sofa upholstery, ribbons, car interiors, outdoor products, etc. Among them, the black DTY yarn is used to produce shading fabrics or bag cloth, etc. The shading effect of the shading fabric is good, and the bag cloth eliminates the need for dyeing, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
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Changzhou Futong Fiber New Material Co., Ltd. is Custom DTY (Draw Texturing Yarn) (30D-600D) Suppliers and Manufacturers. Changzhou Futong Fiber New Material Co., Ltd. has about 500 employees. Located in the southwest of the city, the company can reach S38 Yanjiang Highway and S48 Xiyi Highway within 15 minutes, and transportation is very convenient. After more than 30 years of precipitation and accumulation, the company has developed into a high-tech enterprise integrating master batch, colored spinning and post-processing, providing global customers with a complete industrial chain solution from "master batch - colored spinning".

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Industry Knowledge

What is Draw Texturing Yarn (DTY), and how is it different from other types of yarn?

Draw Texturing Yarn (DTY) is a type of textured yarn that is produced by a combination of the drawing and texturing processes. Unlike other types of yarn, which have a smooth surface and uniform structure, DTY has a crimped or textured surface that gives it a more natural, soft feel. This texture is created by mechanically stretching the yarn after it has been drawn, which causes the individual fibers to twist and curl.

Can Draw Texturing Yarn be used with different types of fibers, such as cotton or wool, and how does this affect its properties?

Draw Texturing Yarn (DTY) is typically made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon. It is not commonly used with natural fibers such as cotton or wool. Using different fibers may result in different properties of the yarn, such as its tensile strength, elasticity, and thermal stability. In addition, the processing parameters required to produce the yarn may also differ depending on the fiber type.

What are some advantages of using Draw Texturing Yarn in textile production, such as improved dyeability or abrasion resistance?

Draw Texturing Yarn (DTY) offers several advantages in textile production. One key advantage is improved dyeability, as the yarn has a more porous and textured surface compared to other types of yarn. This allows for better absorption and distribution of dye, resulting in more vibrant and consistent colors. Additionally, DTY has improved abrasion resistance compared to other types of yarn, making it more durable and long-lasting in applications such as clothing and upholstery. Finally, DTY can also offer improved elasticity and stretchability, which can be beneficial in applications such as athletic wear or stretch denim.

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